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Blogger Felicia Graber

Felicia Graber, born in Poland in 1940, survived the war in hiding. After liberation, she moved to Belgium, then Germany. In 1959, she married a US Army Chaplain and moved to the US in December 1963.

After teaching for 26 years, she volunteered as a docent at the St. Louis Holocaust Museum and Learning Center and lectured to schools, companies and army bases.

She was the founder of the St. Louis Holocaust Child Survivors and Descendants and the Baltimore Holocaust Survivors groups.

She started writing in her twenties for psychological relief. Her writings have been published in several Jewish magazines. She published her memoir, Amazing Journey, Metamorphosis of a Hidden Child in 2010. In 2012, she, together with her brother, published their father’s oral history Our Father’s Voice, a Holocaust Memoir. Felicia and her husband moved to Baltimore in 2012. They have two children, eight grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Read Felicia’s work here and order her book by clicking on the image below.

Amazing Journey: Metamorphosis of a Hidden Child