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Blogger and teacher Holli Friedland

Holli Friedland is a longtime resident of Baltimore but was born in the small town of Cumberland, MD. She has a BS in Mass Communications from Towson University and an MA in Publications Design from the University of Baltimore. Her teaching experience includes working at trade schools in the secretarial/word processing field for young adults, training businesspeople on various software packages and currently teaching blogging. 

Holli has been working as a freelance writer and graphic designer for over 35 years. Her business, Social Squids, has given her the opportunity to do the work she loves. Over the past 15 years, she added social media management to her bag of tricks.

She once published a magazine called Petsaver, which was dedicated to pet rescue and care. An avid animal lover, Holli ran a reptile and amphibian rescue and adoption service for 14 years. She adopted several retired racing greyhounds over the years. Holli became a writer and editor for The Homestretch, a publication for greyhound adopters in the 1990s, a position she enjoyed for several years. She is also an avid knitter and wrote about the subject, along with exotic pets, for In addition, Holli is also a devoted sports fan.

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