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The Call of the Senior

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Even though I’m young at heart,
The years say I am an old fart.
For me the world has changed so fast
I’m more comfortable with the past.

I like the shows of Lerner & Lowe
I can’t sing, but all the words I know.
Rogers & Hammerstein are more my ilk.
For me they were like mother’s milk.

If you really want to hear me pant
Show me a picture of Cary Grant.
To get me ready for romance
I’ll watch Astaire and Kelly dance.

I love all dance, ballet to tap
But just do not get this rap.
I understand it, not at all
The meanness drives me up a wall.

I prefer the Golden Age of TV.
Today, few shows speak to me.
Older ones made me laugh and cry.
Much on today makes me ask, “Why?”

But it’s okay; my time has sung.
Today should belong to the young.
That is the way life should be
This is the story of history.

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