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Blogger Ada Strausberg

Born and raised in New York City, Ada left in 1970 after marrying her high school sweetheart, Gary. They lived in Washington, D.C., Waltham, Massachusetts and Columbia and Baltimore, Maryland.

Gary died in 2000, two months short of their 30th anniversary. She’s the mother of two children and six grands. In 2018, she returned to New York City.

Her Bachelor’s is in literature and her Master’s is in Publications Design. She speaks, reads and writes Hebrew fluently and knows a smattering of other languages.

Ada has spent most of her adult life volunteering for countless charities over a wide spectrum of organizations and causes.

A love of travel has taken her to all the continents except Antarctica, which is on her bucket list. Other interests include arts, crafts, food, movies, museums, music and theater.

Though not published, Ada has written numerous children’s books, a year’s journal in poetry after her husband died and is working on a novel and two plays.

Read Ada’s work here.