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I don’t consider myself a “writer,” rather a woman who writes from time to time. Sometimes it is poetry, sometimes children’s books. I am a bit eclectic.

My career for many years was a music teacher for preschool children in Jewish schools. At times I worked in Hebrew schools and assisted-livings for seniors. The work brought me tremendous satisfaction, was fun and challenging.

On the side, I’d often write poems for birthdays of family and friends and other such occasions. Somewhere around my early 20s, I started journaling, which became a lifelong pursuit. I journal about my personal life, my feelings, challenges, process, healing work etc., and it is very helpful.

I started in this women’s group from the beginning, and with the support and kindness of all the participants, I started writing more and sharing my writing. It motivated me to finish many things I’ve started, because I have many of those “things.”

Recently, I’ve stepped back a bit, but hopefully I will find my muse and writing will call to me again. Then, I will build on my capacity to sit and work with all the inspiration that comes to me so easily, to finish many projects that I’ve started. That would be a true blessing.