sad lady on cell phone, won't you please reply?
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Won’t You Please Reply?

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I’ve tried for so long
Now I’m trying in a song

Many days I’ve called around
But you’ve crushed me to the ground

All I ask is that we speak
Yet you don’t answer, not a peep.

I leave messages ad infinitum
Remember when we were an item?

Where have we fallen off the track
That you never call me back?

I know it is a brand-new world
Guess I’m just an old-fashioned girl

Don’t you want to make a sale?
Why don’t you answer messages or email?

Is it just a question of being rude?
Or just your position or attitude?

I need that hackneyed word “closure”
To get back my lost composure

Let it be for me a final, clean break
Please do this for me, for old times sake

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