Dad ice skating
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Ice Skating with Dad

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I watch ice skating on TV
and think about Dad and me.
An excellent ice skater was he.
He loved the rink—that’s where he’d be!

Dad had skated as a young boy.
He’d rather skate than play with a toy.
Skating gave him absolute joy.
His smiling face exclaimed, “Oh boy!”

When Dad was young, he skated outside
on lakes and ponds where he could slide
across the ice with a smooth, long glide.
His face was filled with so much pride!

At Baltimore’s Park Circle he would skate.
And often times he would bring a date.
Taking the bus, they might have to wait
But skating around the rink was great!

He could skate at Park Circle for free.
His dad was a plumber there, you see.
This is the place he wanted to be.
And knowing my dad, I must agree!

Dad and I used to skate around.
If I let go, I might hit the ground!
This would make a really loud sound.
Then my face would wear a frown!

Sometimes to the Nevele we would go.
A resort with skating, if you didn’t know.
Dad showed off on the ice with a glow.
At night we’d relax and watch a show.

I watch ice skating on TV
and think about Dad and me.
It’s such a wonderful memory
My face lights up in delight and glee!

The family ice skating

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