A brain and a body
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Brain Versus Body

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Brain versus body is not an issue
When one is an infant
The brain says “smile.”
And the baby smiles.
The brain says “hold up your head,”
And the baby holds up its head.

As I approach my 70s
It is obvious that my brain does not
Agree with my body.
Which one is controlling me
As the years go by?

The brain says to my hands,
“Pick up three things in one hand.”
I try, but the items drop.
The body doesn’t agree.
My dexterity is diminishing.
Pick-up sticks and jacks
Are games I can no longer play.

The brain says, “Bend down and pick up
The trash on the floor.”
The body doesn’t agree.
My balance is not what it once was.
Bending down means possible dizziness
And a chance of falling.
It’s not worth the risk.

The brain says, “Turn your head.”
The body doesn’t agree.
Arthritis in the cervical spine
Limits my ability to turn.
Turning leads to pain.
The options are injections or surgery.
Neither is appealing.

The brain says, “Sit on the floor to
Play with your grandchildren.”
The body doesn’t agree.
Once down, getting up is a process.
The knees must be on the floor
And a stable item available to use for support.

The brain says, “Sit for hours and read.”
Easier said than done
The body doesn’t agree.
Knees and ankles are stiff.
My gait reminds me of Frankenstein.

Who dominates as we age?
Brain or body?
Do we want our brain intact
But our mobility limited?
Do we want our cognition compromised
But our agility youthful?

The brain and body don’t agree.
This is something we cannot control.
The future of brain versus body
Is not something we can predict.

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  1. my experience is that’s why exercise itself–just moving the body–is not sufficient
    exercise needs to be combined with cognition–like remembering a choreographed sequence
    or doing expressive dance on a theme that is meaningful to you. well, I think you know where I’m coming from.

    1. This is so true. We must engage body and brain and include people you care about in your life. And as my daughter advises, “Pick younger friends!”

  2. Thoroughly have enjoyed your poem, Brain vs Body. How cheerful and true. Thank You. I would like to submit your work to our local Newspaper, The Sun, in the Villages Florida. What would I have to do?