Lost and found, woman with her hands on her face in frustration
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Lost and Found

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Please, oh please,
Where have I put my keys?
I had them only a minute ago
But where they are now, I do not know.

Don’t laugh ’cause I keep my glasses on a string
But if I didn’t, it would be another lost thing.
One of the minutes I truly dread
Is when I realize they’re on my head.
Another is when one points at me – “ahem”
So I suddenly realize I’m seeing through them.

Sadly, it’s not just my keys, but glasses, papers and books
Somehow they get left in the strangest of nooks.
Scissors and scotch tape, pencils and pens
Seem to disappear, then return like old friends.

This constantly searching nearly leads me to tears
The minutes gone looking could add up to years.
And now in addition I need helping out
To try to remember what I’m talking about
To say nothing about the word on the tip of my tongue
Since there’s more in my head than when I was young. 

Patience, please: I’ve not much longer to go
By then, with experience, you will know.
“I told you so,” I’ll have said to you
For sure, you’ll know this poem is true.

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