Plunger about to plunge a stopped up toilet.
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Stopped Up Toilet

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The funniest thing happened
at our office during the day!
A toilet became stopped up
in our plumbing shop, oy vey.

What made this very funny?
It is something really bad.
A fully stocked warehouse
with no plunger to be had!

We tried some various tools;
but nothing opened up the line.
We did not know what to do.
Having no plunger was a crime!

We searched all through the warehouse
where an auger was finally found.
It made a ton of awful noises
as the blades were swirling around.

Finally, success took place.
The toilet flowed freely now.
It was working really fine.
We could gladly wipe our brow!

No plunger in a plumbing shop;
something that shouldn’t be!
We will buy one right away;
I’m sure you all agree!

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  1. This is so cute and really funny. Writing a poem about something so annoying is always a good idea. It makes our rediculousness a good laugh!