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The Truthful Optimist

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Sometimes I’m fretful
And often forgetful
My voice, it gets weak
My bones kinda creak
So I no longer strut
And foods may erupt
‘tween my gut and my butt
There are times I don’t see
Inadvertently pee
And embarrass myself

Of course my hair, it is gray
My hearing… What did you say?
And let’s be franky
I can be cranky
Also a bit cross
’cause I think I’m the boss
So don’t argue with me

I’m no longer thin
And the skin that I’m in
Isn’t filled to the brim
It bags and it sags.
With the direct speech of a brag
I’m almost a hag
Minus the witchy powers

But with life I’m besot
And the days that I’ve got
Should be lived to the most
So when I give up the ghost
And I’m finally dead
It will surely be said
Well done!

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