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Sock Rebuttal

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Sock, sock, sock, poor deserted sock. Everyone laments his missing mate. No one thinks about us, the many lonely knee-highs.

We don’t get any respect.

We are thrown individually and carelessly into a drawer without our mates. Where there are piles of different shades of tan, grey, black, sheer and opaque with or without reinforced toe. How can we even attempt to find each other?

We are not appreciated for liberating women from those uncomfortable panty hose. Not to even mention the old stockings who needed to be attached to a garter!

Nobody cares about us until we are needed for a special occasion. Then, there is a feverish rush to find a suitable companion. No one looks for socks when they dress up.

So, when you bemoan and search for the one missing sock, remember us.

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