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Return to Normal

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Return to normal – is it true?
Is it possible for me or you?
Is it possible for the world or us?
After the settling of the dust.

The past is gone, not coming back
The only thing that’s writ in black 
Nothing can be truly the same
So now we need a different name.

We’ll get used to the New Normal
Maybe dress in something formal.
Put on some clothes we used to wear
Will they cover our derrière?

So what s the change? You may ask
Will you choose to wear the damn mask?
Maybe during the times of flu.
Official rules of don’ts and dos.

First we will go back to work
‘Jams at the office, not a perk.
But jams on the road may be less
Back to jobs and a different stress.

Children will be back in school
Less computers – Wow! How cool!
Now we’ll know the day and date;
A simple thing, but it feels great.

We’ll choose to eat inside or out.
Less rules on how we run about.
Even travel, come on let’s go.
Where? Anywhere. I just don’t know.

Close again, with kisses and hugs
Not afraid of those nasty bugs.
But wait, slow down, and not so fast
Don’t go back to the recent past.

We’ve lived through the past two years
Amid the sadness, grief and tears
To overcome our hate and fears
Of neighbors, strangers, other peers.

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