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Retirement and How to Live Each Day

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At one time when working full-time there were just not enough hours in any day, from the moment that dreaded alarm would go off in the morning, until my head hit the pillow at bedtime, I was on the go. My life was very structured; of course it had to be as I had a very busy lifestyle. I worked in the HR department at a large country club for many years. So many fires to put out every day; training employees; hiring; firing… All in all an amazing and interesting job. 

When my work was done for the day, it was on to my second job: running a household, and sometimes I wondered which was the more difficult. There were always family issues to deal with, sometimes happy ones, sometimes not so much, but as a Jewish mother, I was right in there trying to solve the problems of the world for both my own mother and for my children. 
Oh, and let us not forget, I had to fit in an after-work social life also; spending quality time with my husband and friends, card games, movie night… to name but a few fun activities. 

So here’s the thing; I actually did manage it!

At this point in my life, as a retiree, the world’s my oyster; I can now do whatever I want, whenever I want. Well that’s what you’d think right? WRONG!!! There are still not enough hours in the day. How can this be? I’m not even working any more!

Then I thought, what have I actually done this past past week? 

Aside from the usual household chores and family issues, I’ve attended our blogging class, attended an exercise class at the gym, a yoga class, tai chi, visited two sick friends, and have dealt with the untimely death of a close friend’s son. I also started a new project, mixed media art and walked two nature trails 

My hopes and dreams are not the same as when I was younger, but what I do realize is that I’m just as busy as I always was, but in a different way. Having written this, it’s made me aware that I do need to put more structure back into my life, but it doesn’t matter if I don’t manage to do everything exactly as I used to. 

I have achieved much over the years and still have goals to fulfill. Being pro-active is what is important, in addition to exploring new avenues and being able to enjoy them. This is what matters most. After all, as the old saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”!

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  1. I love how you’ve made a wonderful life for your retirement. I don’t think you need more structure. You’re enjoying all of your activities and do them on the days/times that work for you! That structured life is over and you’re reaping the benefits of a well-deserved retirement doing it the way it works for you. An inspiration!