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My Way

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Liza Minelli, in concert, would preface singing New York, New York, “This man sings my song, but it’s my song, from my movie, New York, New York.” 

I always thought she should add, “But I will sing it My Way.

New York City is my city and I would like it my way:


my way would not have trash bags lining the streets

Garbage should be kept in the alleyways of buildings, not on the streets, until the Sanitation Department picks it up. Except for paper and hazardous waste, it should all be in one bag. The rules keep changing. People who have been trained in the latest protocols should be hired. This offers numerous jobs, and the environment would benefit. Stores should not charge for bags. What is the difference between their plastic bags and a Hefty bag?

Garbage disposals are illegal, but if any city would benefit from the compacting that they offer it is New York. Are there no inventors who could come up with a model that could make them legal?

Driving to the City

The City wants to charge people who come in to the city by car. This will deter tourists who pump major dollars into our economy. We will lose parking revenue, and workers may choose to find other jobs that welcome them. What do we do about the traffic, which is really bad? Residential buildings only allow moving and deliveries of large items between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. All commercial deliveries should be permitted from only 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. These are usually the hours when stores are less crowded, and crews would be available for off-loading and stocking. Yes, less convenient for employees and drivers, but they wouldn’t have to deal with the traffic during the day. A win-win for everyone.

Other vehicles

Motorcycles must be licensed, making them subject to the same regulations as cars and other vehicles. This is for safety. During all hours they would not be allowed to zoom through the streets.

Cars, too, at any hour should not be allowed to BLAST music. Not everyone likes the same music, and the volume should not interfere with their choice of music. If you must have your music loud, then the car windows must be closed. One can actually feel the vibration when music is so loud. I may sound like an old bitty, but years from now when the population numbers of deaf people explode, you can thank me.

Law enforcement

All of this will take law enforcement. Again, more jobs. Who will pay for these jobs? The money raised from violators, fees for licensing and other taxes. If the quality of life is better, people will be less likely to leave the City or will come to join (or rejoin) our community.

Speaking of law enforcement: When suspects are chased, can’t police officers be trained to use less lethal methods? Bullets to the legs, buttocks, etc. do incapacitate most people. Criminals, if you are being chased, just stop. Chances are you will be caught, but you will be alive.

Does part of the police curriculum involve sensitivity training (gender, race, religion, children, the aged and topics such as rape, abuse, etc.)? If it is an elective, it should be a required.


my way would have street signs that light up with different languages
Image: Sarah Friedland

All buildings should be clearly and visibly numbered so they can be seen from the street. Street names should be listed on all four corners, the north-south and east-west and be large enough to read BEFORE you get to the intersection. In Israel the street signs are in THREE languages (Hebrew, Arabic and English.) They are on a box, which is lit up at night.

When an address is given, it should include the cross streets, such as 1 Main St. (btw. 2nd & 3rd Ave.). And please add a zip code to pin down the location.

When permits are issued for new buildings, shouldn’t the effect of the new buildings on the surrounding neighbors be considered? It’s frustrating when the height or width of the edifice blocks someone’s pleasant view or even minimally, sunlight. Not only people, but plants need sunlight and air flow.

In Summary

These topics may not seem monumental, but most people would like any improvement that adds to our quality of life. So “…it’s up to you, New York, New York…”

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