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Death by Drugs

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A little boy, almost two, is dead
from Fentanyl at a daycare home.
He should really be alive instead.
But now to heaven he must roam.

Nicholas, he would have been two
during the month of November.
His parents don’t know what to do.
All that’s left is to remember.

Fentanyl was found on a daycare mat
where children play and sleep each day.
This is something so horrible that
it should not have been this way.

The provider said she didn’t know.
But what else will she have to say?
The parents will be feeling the blow
remembering him each and every day.

Bronx, New York, where this took place,
is a tragedy so hard to believe.
They’ll never see their baby’s face
and will certainly always grieve.

I see the child’s face in my mind.
Tears of sadness stream from each eye.
Has our society become so blind?
That all we do is cry, cry and cry.

Let’s hope and pray his mom and dad
will find the strength to survive.
It’s a grief beyond feeling sad.
We pray for the children still alive.

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