After two knee surgeries
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Surgery:  Not For Me!

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This really finally has to be
forever my last surgery!

Too many times I’m under the knife
when all I want is to be Bruce’s wife!

When I was a five year old child,
I was calm and not very wild!

But, my tonsils had to come out.
Of this, the doctor had no doubt.

At least everything went very well.
Tonsils were out, but you could not tell!

Why do things go wrong with my body?
A bladder repair so I could potty!

My sinus surgery helped me breathe;
sinus passages now open with ease.

I was sixteen when the first one was done.
My nose was cleared of stuff that was a ton!  

And lumps were removed from both breasts.
All were benign, but I was put to the test.

One time I felt a lump in my arm
and went to the doc full of alarm!

The small nodule sank back in my skin;
Doc prodded and poked until he did win.

He could finally feel the tiny bump.
And said, “I need to remove this lump!”

Can you remove it now, I said?
He looked at me and shook his head.

No, Marlene, this is a procedure
at the hospital with anesthesia!

Another surgery—this couldn’t be!
Why does it always happen to me?

My feet had surgery more than twice;
It went okay so then they felt nice!

The pain was gone, and I could walk.
It was all good, as I lived to talk.

I even had female surgery, too.
Several years ago and I came through!

My biggest surgery was a year ago.
I got a new hip if you didn’t know.

Most recently the doc fixed my knee;
the torn meniscus was hurting me.

Next time it was the knee on the left.
Torn meniscus too; I am so blessed!

Doc poked my knee in two small places.
Later we both had smiles on our faces.

The pain was there, but a little less
The doctor surely passed my test.

He said the pain would go away;
give it three weeks and maybe a day.

So don’t you agree that this is enough?
No more surgery, even though I’m tough!

March, 2016

Surgery: Another One for Me!

Unbelievably, it’s that time again:
more surgery; my count’s past ten!

The problem now is my right knee.
It does nothing except hurt me!

X-rays from just a few years ago;
narrowing between the bones, oh no!

A more recent X-ray showed the same;
more narrowing – my claim to fame. 

This knee pain I am unable to bear,
due to it having such wear and tear.

I’ve had numerous shots of cortisone;
the pain came from bone rubbing bone.

The last cortisone shot a few weeks back
left me with more pain and did not attack

the nastiness of this knee of mine
so I’m still in pain and I’m not fine.

The doctor said, “It’s that time now
for a knee replacement, and how!”

We have exhausted every other way
to make my knee feel better each day!

I am not happy for another surgery;
but I must get relief for my right knee!

The schedule is backed up so I must wait:
April 1st is the next possible date.

I’ll go sooner if someone cancels out.
His office will call me without a doubt.

Then the date got pushed further away
to the end of April, another delay!

I was not happy with this at all!
My knee could buckle and I’d fall!

Then, a stroke of luck they say:
A cancellation; I was on my way!

Now scheduled for April 3rd!
It’s me that G-d must have heard!

Come visit me please, but do call first!
I’ll comb my hair, not look my worst!

Can you believe another surgery?
I cannot and I’m sure you agree!

Surgery: Again for Me!

Four years later my left knee hurt
with pain so bad I felt like dirt.

We did injections of cortisone and gel.
They didn’t work; I felt like hell.

I even had some physical therapy
to take the pain away from my knee.

That did not help I’m sad to say.
A new left knee was on its way.

I could not believe that surgery
was on the books again for me.

March 17th, ’23 was my date.
It hurt so bad I could hardly wait.

This time I knew what to expect;
It was something I had to accept.

Thankfully, surgery went very well.
I knew after recovery I’d feel swell.

Knowing the hard work I’d have to do,
physical therapy for a few months, too.

Being prepared did not make it easy.
My pain meds did not make me queasy.

I took the meds before my therapy.
This seemed to be a good remedy.

This all took place six months ago.
I feel so much better my face is aglow.

Now this really and truly has to be
the last surgery ever for me!

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