Mom's Colorful Swim Cap!
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Mom’s Colorful Swim Cap!

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Photo Credit: BohoChicVintage

I saw your summer swimming cap
you wore when you came to our pool.
The variety of pretty flowers,
so many petals made it full.

When it got wet, it was brighter,
showing petals in various hues.
Each one prettier than the next:
red, yellow, green and blue.

Where did I see the swimming cap,
since it’s a cool autumn day?
In the Wall Street Journal news
I read to see what it would say.

I cut out the picture of the cap,
placing it with some of your things.
If only you were here to see
the joy your swimming cap brings.

The article talked about beauty,
a make-up artist in her room.
Toni Ko sold her brand online
and has sales that always boom!

Mom’s swimming cap was a painting
in the sitting room of Miss Ko.
A lovely woman wore the cap;
the colors set her face aglow.

Again, I studied the picture,
saw its full splendor once more.
A model with such glowing skin,
eye shadow, blush, red lips galore.

I thought of my mother once more
in her cap of flowers so bright,
swimming in the pool each day;
she was a beautiful sight.

Never wanted her hair to get wet
or ruined when she took a swim.
Her hair colored and set each week,
with just an occasional trim.

I saw you mom, when I looked at it,
as your beauty perseveres.
Lovely as ever, for that was you.
To me, you were always dear.

The same swim cap you always wore
reminded me of you so much.
I wish you’d stayed around longer
as I crave your soft, warm touch.

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  1. Marlene, I’m sure I must have replied to this originally, but I don’t see it here. Anyway, I really love it! I bet your mom would have loved it. Maybe be amazed that you wrote such a touching poem about such a minor thing.