Getting COVID
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Getting COVID

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I fought so long but now succumb
I’ve joined the group and it’s a bum
I took a test just to be sure
Now time’s the only semi-cure.

Another thing: it can come back
And a relapse puts you back on track
COVID once isn’t very nice
But twice just isn’t a fair price.

Symptoms they can vary 
Some mild, others scary
Some are short lived, others long
It’s getting to be a very old song.

Isolation in your cocoon
Quarantined in a single room
Six Plaxovids a day, ’til day six 
Adds a bad taste to the mix.

All those who’ve joined the COVID club
There’s no one COVID just won’t snub
Celebs, leaders, normal folk
No one’s laughing at this viral joke.

Red, yellow, black and white
To one and all it’s a blight
Though it isn’t equally shared
Is there anyone who has been spared?

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew
Hindu, agnostic, atheist too
Men, women, young and old
All are gathered into its fold.

In its web it all has got
Both the haves and have nots
What the hell is going on?
Two years plus have come and gone.

Will masks be always on our face:
The way to save the human race?
Though thanks to vaxes and to pills
Death not so much, yet numbers still.

Instead of sharing this calamity
Much better — share our humanity.

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