I am the invisible eater
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Invisible me

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I am the invisible eater
and I will continue to eat 
until you see me

I am crying out to be seen
it is not the best way 
but it is what I know 
I am starving to be seen 
and known 
and loved 
and believed

I exist in a bubble 
a hidden world 
and it is here 
I have survived insanity

I know I cannot 
my way out of 
but I have surely tried

I cannot believe 
how invisible 
I am around my family
how frightened I am
to know of our collective hell

It is cold here in hell
and I thought I had 
found my peace
but I cannot stand another
moment of this charade

Are you there?
Are you listening?
Can you see me?

Yes I am willing and I will see you and be here for you when you are ready. It is not an easy journey, this is an imperfect world and I am not always able minded. I am learning to love. Please be patient with me. We are in this together.

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