Dear Dad
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Dear Dad

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April 18, 2000

Dear Dad,

How could you leave us when we need you so much?
Where will Mom be without your warm touch?

The Passover Holiday is so sad this year.
You are supposed to be with us—here!

I’ve had you for 46 years, you know.
But it’s not enough—I didn’t want you to go!

A wonderful father Dave and I had.
But you left too soon, making us sad.

Mom had a lifetime partner, too!
She was so much in love with you.

How lucky for Bruce and Elly to be
two more branches on the family tree!

Barry and Allison loved you more than you know.
I’m glad they had a Pop-Pop to watch them grow.

Maurie and Ben loved you so much, Pop.
Even though you’re gone, the grandkids’ love will never stop.

I’m very glad you went peacefully in your sleep.
I can’t write anymore—my grief is too deep!

I’ll never forget you, Dad, even though you had to go.
You’ll be in my heart forever, for I loved you so.



This poem was read by Rabbi Stephen Fink of Temple Oheb Shalom during my father’s funeral service. I wrote it 2:00 a.m. the day of the funeral, as I could not sleep anyway.

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  1. This is so touching & so speaks of the feelings when one loses a parent so suddenly. Thanks for sharing.