slap heard 'round the world
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The slap heard ’round the world
continues to unfurl
endless times on TV.
How many times must we see
the downfall of “Richard the King?”
Will we ever learn this simple thing
that from violence comes only sad,
that a good life’s reduced to bad?

This incident though rather small
mirrors what we all recall.
We see it in everyday life,
not just a remark about one’s wife.
We think we’re given a dirty look,
imagined or not, that’s all it took.
A blunt object, knife or gun—
how quickly is the damage done!

I love to laugh, make people do the same
But must we do it to bring shame?
On the subject of how people look,
should that be in a comedian’s book?
People look different—don’t make them falter
when their looks they cannot alter.
Actions are another kettle of fish:
’cause people do just what they wish.

Can we even learn the antidote?
Quickly apologize. Do not gloat.
For you learn like some percussions,
bad behavior has repercussions.
There’s a lesson to be learned here
and should be shouted loud and clear:
Make a decision. Then just move on.
We’ve bigger issues to dwell upon.

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