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Through the Years with Mom

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I came home after a meeting,
where my husband had this greeting:

“My mom passed away sometime tonight.”
I hugged him tight saying, “It’s alright.”

Though Mom didn’t remember, she still knew
we were her family and loved her too.

We would visit her at her home
which was so close to our own.

Having Sylvia made me the lucky one.
In our relationship we both won.

Joining the Solomon family
was the happiest day for me!

Sylvia was my second mother.
I wouldn’t have wanted any other.

We took her to the symphony.
A favorite place she loved to be.

The music played and she sang along.
She knew the words to every song!

Many times we took her to dinner.
She loved this: our plan was a winner!

Mom was always a wonderful cook
occasionally using a recipe book.

Each meal smelled great and tasted yummy.
A Sabbath treat for every tummy.

Mom lit the candles glowing so bright.
Dad said Kiddush and HaMotzi ere night.

Together, they had a wonderful life.
for sixty-two years mom was dad’s wife.

Three children were born to you and dad:
Bruce, Stuart and Sharon, making you glad.

Then came the spouses of these three:
Marlene, Leslye and Pat, you see.

Down the road grandchildren were here:
Barry then Gregory, both so dear.
Next, Andi, Allie and Steph would appear.

Later on Mom, you had a new name
when a great-grandma you became!

Gabe was the first one in this line.
Piper and Ryder followed behind.

You were truly blessed to have so much:
Wife, mom, grandma, great-grandma with a gentle touch.

I’ll remember and love you the rest of my life
from the day I became your Bruce’s wife.

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