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Call Me Imelda

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We replaced our bedroom carpeting a few months ago. The room had to be cleaned out before the installation. Fortunately, this task wasn’t as daunting as it sounded. That is, until I dealt with my closet floor. Oh dear. I found shoes, upon shoes, upon shoes, upon shoes. How did I accumulate so many shoes??

Here’s the inventory. First are my sneakers, all six pairs. Included are the cute pair of Sketchers I wore for years to my aerobics class. The bottoms wore out, so they were replaced with another cute pair of Sketchers. They aren’t as comfortable but I’m keeping them anyway. Walking shoes – three pairs. The first pair is supposed to be orthopedic friendly. They’re ok but don’t give me a lot of arch support. So, for arch support I have two pairs of New Balance leather walking shoes. The first pair is three years old and past its prime but still comfortable. The second pair is the exact same shoe as the first pair, but not yet broken in. Naturally, I need both pairs. I also have a pair of uncomfortable sneakers bought online from an overstock store. Someday they will be in the Goodwill bag.

The second batch of shoes are on a shoe rack. These shoes can be worn with skirts or pants. They include two pairs of Clarks Cloud Stepper tie shoes, one pair in navy and one in black. They are made of “pleather” so are great for rainy days. The fake suede ankle boots can also be worn in wet weather. I have three pairs of Munro shoes; one is a black patent dressy flat, the second a blue leather tie shoe with a cute stack heel, and the third, an off-white tie shoe. Munro’s are expensive, but these shoes look better then they feel on my feet. I also own navy slip-on suede flats and black suede Mary Jane flats. They’re old but comfortable.

Third, are the shoes that are a miscellaneous mess on the closet floor. Search through the pile and you will find two pairs of Teva flip flops – great arch support and so comfortable around the house. Next, are two pairs of Teva sandals – one sport sandals, the other a little fancier. Then, are the dark brown wedge sandals I’ve had for years – so comfortable — and a pair of rose-pink Naturalizers.

Somewhere in this heap are navy sandals and at least two pairs of black sandals, all with a little heel or wedge. Another pair of black leather sandals (also Clarks and squishy/comfy on the feet) are my go-to summer synagogue shoes. Plus, I own a third pair of cute Sketcher sneakers – with sparkles on the toes! They hurt my feet, however, and aren’t worn too often. I used to have three pairs of slippers but threw out one pair recently.

More shoes are scattered around the house. For instance, the closet shelf has the most expensive shoes I ever bought. They cost more than the dress worn at my son’s wedding but are so cute! In the front hall closet, one finds two pairs of snow boots – high and low — and a pair of fake leather “work boots.” I can’t remember the last time I wore those.

Blue and purple-ish cloth sneakers are my gardening shoes – they stay on the back porch. Finally, I own a pair of New Balance dark brown and pink trimmed suede sneakers bought in a Los Angeles shoe outlet. I LOVE these shoes. They were comfortable from day one. Sadly, they are worn out; however, I can’t bear to get rid of them.

Perhaps the overabundance of shoes is not so uncommon these days. Possibly, I own fewer pairs then many of my friends. What’s very frustrating is that no matter how many pairs of shoes I own, my feet still hurt.

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  1. A couple of years ago I found myself in Colombo, Sri Lanka where I met an old (perhaps the harshness of his life made him seem older than he was) man “repairing” and selling old shoes in a wall-less sidewalk kiosk . “What kind of meager existence,” I wondered, “could he possibly make from old shoes?” At least now I know what happens to all that worn out footwear I’ve given to the Goodwill. So Eileen, help some half starved family on the other side of the world…give those old shoes away!