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We Will Dance Again

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This poem was inspired by the Nova Music Festival Exhibition that brought artifacts from the terrorist attack in Israel on innocent people on October 7, 2023.

Israelis came together with others
A bond of many music lovers

All ages, genders joyously dancing
Laughing, singing, happily prancing

A musical fest starting at midnight
All seemed right ’til morning light

October 7th, a Sabbath morn
(It’s usually a peaceful norm)

Became a horrific sight
Became a horrific site

A car from October 7, 2023
An actual car from the site.

Overshadowing the beauty and love 
The horror flew in from up above

And also rode in on the ground
Killing and maiming all around

It went on, added by torture and rape
Nowhere was anyone left to be safe

The final assault was to kidnap
Innocents caught in an evil trap

And from there hostages were taken 
The entire world watched and was shaken

Nothing’s a vacuum, always a ripple
Add family, friends, minimally triple 

In that ripple, WE ALL feel defeated 
Our collective trauma must be treated 

Now we have protests with a new dictum
Once again victimizing the victim 

Instead of this just being sad                         
The world has gone completely mad 

For Palestinian and Gazan folk
This conflict is a cruel hoax and a joke

Their land is destroyed, all decimated
Just for a small group’s unbound hatred?

This should cause all to look askance
But maybe if we take a new glance
Maybe if we take a better stance 
Perhaps and then hopefully perchance


An infinite light
Or Einsof” – light without end.

Let’s Dance

We can dance again 
We must dance again 
We will dance again
Don’t let the music stop

It was a big rave
But not all were saved
It is peace we crave
Don’t let the music stop

We buried our dead 
We must look ahead
Search a new path instead
Don’t let the music stop

We can dance again 
We must dance again 
We will dance again
Don’t let the music stop

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