We haven't come very far, civil rights
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We Haven’t Come Very Far

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We haven’t come so very far
In keeping Blacks on equal par
And we are poorer for it.

Perhaps it would be if we had
Things wouldn’t be so very bad
Because of pent up emotion.

They did not ask to come here
While subjected to awful fear
Resulting in others’ profit.

Wronging them in every manner
We hid behind a false banner
People doing horrific things.

People of color gave their all
Answering the U.S. military call
In every branch of service.

We haven't come very far, military man

They bravely fought for all of us
Asking for little, making no fuss
But we didn’t fight for them.

It is the time for this to end
This wrongful way we must amend
And make the needed changes.

Now, not tomorrow, but today
All equal rights: like equal pay,
Decent housing, medical care.

Now’s the time for this great nation
To give to all equal education
Then each of us would benefit.

Time to sound the clarion call
Extend to others, one and all
Recognition, respect, kindness are due.

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