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Trauma: From Invisible to Authentic

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I wrote the following poems about trauma, healing my hidden trauma, so I prefer them to be anonymous.

My journeys here this time around have taken me to some very dark places, dark places so that I may find the light there, heal, learn, grow, and find ways to shine. 

Read these expressions quietly, even as they scream out. These are just a few of my collection bravely shared. Once hidden, not easily spoken, they have helped me find my life. 

There may be hidden parts in you waiting to be seen, heard and loved. Embrace them if you can when they appear.

By the light of the sun and the moon, may we shine brighter and better.

May all wounds be swept up like fairy dust and transformed to all that is truly good. 

It is not easy to breathe 
when someone is sitting on top of you, 
lying on top of you, 
stuck to you like glue
nor is it easy 
to move to walk to talk to smile to live. 

Imagine moving through life like this
on a track to nowhere
smiling talking breathing walking
but not really
carrying this heaviness
heavy heartedness

Imagine that you didn’t even know you were carrying it like this
until one day you wake up
and you GET IT.

You know 
it’s been there forever 
haunting you
and so 
the healing journey begins.

This is a small picture of what it’s like to live with disassociation, split personalities and complex PTSD, to carry the memories in your body. To begin the process of coming into awareness, listening, remembering, like a gun that triggers, slowly excruciatingly tearing away the onion so as not to be taken over by those dreadful memories that you must over and over again tell yourself are not happening anymore. The fears and difficulties, the ghosts of trauma past, the wreckage that you must live with the rest of your life.

How grateful I am 
to rise and meet these challenges 
over and over again. 
I am one of the lucky ones. 

There are many of us now 
walking together to the light
learning to breathe smile talk walk live laugh and love. 

If you happen to meet any of us 
be kind 
do not judge
to understand.

We will be so appreciative.
Maybe one day we will all walk together.

Twisted love 
sucks the breath
to the core 
it feels like 


Healthy love 
brings smiles and tears
warmth, touch 
cares, fears

May evil and darkness
cease to be
Heal us oh Lord
set us free

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