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Transportation Woes — March 2023

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Another train derailment
In only 90 days!
I wonder to myself
Is this the latest craze?

Rail has always been
The safest way we traveled.
But lately, seems to be
The mode has now unraveled.

It isn’t just the accident.
Are trains no longer safe?
It’s toxic waste that’s present
I think there’s something treif.”

Also, there’s too much
Bad aviation news.
It isn’t very easy
For travelers to choose.

Trains or planes;
Planes or trains?
Planning trips
Now causes pains.

Walking may be safest
But you can’t go very far.
How about a rocket ship?
If only going to a star.

What about the family car
If you decide to roam?
Or is it simply all that’s left
To just remain at home?

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