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Thoughts on My Daughter’s Milestones

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On Becoming a Teen

Today it is your birthday, dear.
Thirteen years you are.
You’re now entering teenage-hood,
the most confusing years, by far.

A time of real uncertainty—
You’re neither adult nor child.
You want so much to be grown up.
Sometimes your thoughts run wild.

At times, I know you think I’m mean.
Perhaps I seem unfair.
I know you often wonder if
it’s possible that I care.

It probably is no comfort that
we all must live through it.
To know that I went through it too
helps not one small bit.

There is one thing that you should know:
Regardless how it seems,
I love you, Laura very much.
You’re the happiness of my dreams.

On College Graduation

Thoughts on My Daughter's Milestones
Laura and Grandma

Dear Laura,

The days that passed before your birth
were not happy ones for me.
Empty, I was as winter trees
barren of their lustrous leaves.

But when I peered upon your face
and cuddled your tiny self,
I knew that G-d had sent a treasure,
a pearl nestled in its shell.

From the moment of your birth,
your engaging disposition
won the hearts of everyone
just like a charmed magician.

You brought me so much love and joy.
You were a cheerful child
always so enthusiastic
with a most engaging smile.

Who’d have thought the teenage years
would find you so unattractive?
I sometimes thought: Is there a way
to make abortion retroactive?

You wouldn’t eat the food I cooked.
I hated all your clothes—
you dressed just like the teenage boys.
What happened to my precious rose?

Remember all the grief you caused
the year you turned sixteen?
But then you started to mature,
much to my great relief!

I got my precious daughter back,
the one so fine and rare.
You’ve become the woman I’d hoped for
like in any mother’s prayer.

You’re poised and proud and confident,
though the road’s been long and rough.
But you maneuvered the rocky parts
You’re tender, but you’re tough.

You took the course you felt was right
and tested along the way.
“You’ve come a long way baby”
to reach this hard-earned day.

There are no words I can compose
to express my parent-pride.
My heart is swollen with my love
like the flowing of the tide.

You’re future’s bright as Hanukkah
with pretty ribbons to unravel
and many surprises to encounter
along the roads you travel.

And I have every confidence
that you’ll enjoy success.
I wish you love and joy and hope,
but mostly—happiness!

On Being a Married Woman

My Daughter's Milestones wedding
Laura and Tommy

Once I had a baby girl.
I loved her tenderly.
She slept and ate and, yes, she pooped
then looked up and smiled at me.

She often entertained herself
creating her own world;
babbling, cooing her own thoughts.
loved my baby girl.

She never had a terrible two
(which I can’t say about her teens)
but we got through the mishigas
and became a sort of team.

She went through myriad macho guys
and I truly liked them all,
but when they got too close to her,
they had to take a fall.

And then she found her Tommy.
“A perfect mate,” I thought.
I should have said, “Now I can breathe”
but it’s not what my mom taught.

And I kept trying to be the mom.
(After all, she was my child.)
I kept telling her what she should do
though she had her own style.

But I have had an epiphany,
and this is how it goes:
“Laura, I gave birth to you
(well, look at your face—it shows).

I raised you up the best I could,
and, yes, mistakes were made.
But no mom could have loved you more
and never would I trade

the special times I had with you
(or even the middle school years).
I’ve loved you every single second
through laughter, joy and tears.

But now I know the time has come
for me to step aside
and let you be the woman you are
and I’ll just smile with pride.

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  1. These are beautiful and perfectly said. What a mom perspective. I’m so lucky to know your daughter you’ve definitely raised a good one so for that I’d like to thank you

  2. Love these poems. I think every momma has felt these same emotions Thank you for sharing. And for raising such a wonderful daughter.

  3. These are fabulous poems, capturing Laura at different stages if life. Happy birthday to Laura.