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The Lake

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Trickling water soothes and calms my soul
as I watch each ripple during my stroll.

Here and there I see a duck swim by.
I take a deep breath and then I sigh.

The water would be too cold for me
since the air is at a low degree.

The wind is blowing a quiet breeze
while I listen to the rustling trees.

I wrap my sweater around me tight;
I feel cool air through the sunlight.

In New York I am on vacation.
Cooperstown is a great location.

It’s always nice to get away
and take it easy for a few days.

We are at the Volvo Car Club meet
seeing old friends; new ones we greet.

The “ice breaker” last night was so fine;
various hors d’oeuvres, drinks and wine.

My mind now sees the beautiful lake
and all the pictures I would take.

Trickling water soothes and calms my soul
As I walk away after my stroll.

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