Have and have-nots on Wall Street.
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The Haves and Have-Nots

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Bad habits can become afflictions
Let’s add to the list two additions
Money and power can be addictions.

If one sells drugs, one goes to jail
These guys steal, get out on bail
They do bad but still prevail.

They do not die but fade away
Parachutes carry them through the fray
But what about me, I say.

Goodbye Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
But you also took my IRA
What about my rainy day?

Where’s money for my retirement plan?
Gone to Iran and Afghanistan
And that thieving Wall Street Man?

I am filled with apprehension
No house, home, work or pension
It does defy all comprehension.

If I get sick, what will I do?
Lack of health care makes you blue
For the boo boo — Oh boo hoo….

No place to hide, no place to run
Bad money’s following the sun.
Still, don’t go out and buy a gun.

For tomorrow is another day.
What it’ll bring I cannot say.
No matter what, you better pray.

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  1. Wow–how true!!! Where is the parachute for US???? Let’s face it, we don’t make a big enough ruckus in the community to get all that attention. Ada, you found a way to put all this down so succinctly, kudos!