COVID cocoon
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The COVID Cocoon

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Will we come out of our COVID cocoon in the spring more beautiful people with our wings fluttering with exceptional colors? Will we be kinder, gentler? Will we have gained knowledge about ourselves? Each other? This time will we have learned from this experience? If it should happen again, will we be more prepared than this time? Will we know and practice how to contain it?

My mother used to say “experience keeps a dear school.” We paid a very high price. Will it be worth it? Of course, possibly not to those who suffered physically, or lost a loved one.

What the future brings no one can tell. We do not know the far-reaching effects this enemy will affect. We know the many famous people who were lost. But did we lose a future or budding Einstein, Salk, Sabine, Shakespeare, Michelangelo?

We can’t go back, but we must be a better humanity. We must educate this next generation, each student, not just those who can afford the best. Let’s not forget those who even today would benefit.

Let’s heal all who need it.

Let’s feed all who are hungry.

We must work harder for peace and protect nature too. These are all tall orders but we must look up and start. Hopefully with a new administration we will. Butterflies, flutter higher!

The vaccine is here…but wait

Finally we can say
It’s rolling out today
Across the USA!

First to the worker bees
Then to the EMTs
Then the elderly, please

In the end it’s for all
Surely by this next fall
We must answer the call

Here’s the vaccination
An immunization?
Time for jubilation?
No time for relaxation

Since again the numbers grew
And it’s all so very new
This is what we still must do

To all states, nation, lands
Distance, mask and wash hands
Wait to see friends and grands

If we all do this right
There’s an end to this night
Finally we see light

It’s coming ’21
Maybe we’ll soon be done
And we can say we won
Then on to fun, fun, fun

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