Super kids in the time of COVID
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Super Kids

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Reflections on I’ve Lost a Year with My Kids Battling Over Remote School and I’m Done by Christine Derengowski.

This made me ponder, almost cry
For all those kids who don’t know why.

They are worried and they are frightened
Can’t tell Mommy; her load should be lightened.

Through no choice of their own
They are lost and so alone.

Often no other kids with whom to walk or talk
It’s no wonder that they balk.

For us ancients who’ve had years aplenty
Can we understand those under twenty?

They’ve lost a year, maybe two
Do we tell them all that’s true?

It’s been hard for one and all
Teens, tweens and the very small.

They don’t know how to ask and question
We’re all faced with a difficult lesson.

Across the world and our nation
How much they’ve lost of their education!

COVID’s also messed with their ids
So let’s hear it for the super kids.

The admiration they’ve gotten is nearly zero
But like many others, they too are heroes.

We can’t let them be the lost generation
Let’s give them hope on their destination.

Of course this doesn’t even begin to count children who have lost one or more parent and other family members, teachers, maybe even other children they knew.

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