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Spring into Spring

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Time to spring into Spring
Makes you want to dance and sing
It puts spring in every step
You’re full of energy and pep

It’s time to turn ahead the clock
You’ll want to buy a lacy frock
Things to do—set a goal
Weather’s nice, just take a stroll

After winter’s long doldrums
We can’t wait for spring to come
Spring fever is a true condition
I know, I’ve been in that position

We welcome the coming of Spring
After the coat, hat, and glove thing
Snow’s pretty but just for a day 
Cold, wind, rain, slush – take them away

In March think April, May and June
Hoping that the lamb will come soon
Winter makes us appreciate
The weather we have had of late

Lightness remembered from before
Celebrated from days of yore
Of new beginnings and young love
With returning birds, like the dove

Enjoy the cool after the cold
Summer soon will surely take hold
With the gift of longer days— YES!
Come dog days with temps to oppress

Sing of Spring with rhyming meter
Return of daughter of Demeter
Remember though how brief her stay
For Mother Nature has her way

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