Signs of the times
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Signs of the Times

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I Miss Principle K.I.S.S.*

It’s so complicated today.
But there’s no going back to a simpler day.

Please leave me alone
I don’t want another app on my phone.

When you try to get info
It’s a run around no-go.

No one knows jack
And you have to call back

After hanging on forever
The connection gets severed.

I’ll probably go bald
Tearing my hair out after I’ve called.

Courtesy has been replaced with rude
I’m not a prude, but I hate crude —

Every other word begins with “F”
I’d like to be selectively deaf.

*Keep It Simple Stupid/Sweetie

Apocalypse NOW!

Holy Cow!
It seems like Apocalypse NOW!

Through the smog it is very clear
Those four horsemen are coming near!

There’s no place to hide or to run
As our world’s becoming undone.

The scientists are not lying;
Caps are melting, earth is frying.

Once God told Noah what to do
Can we find another to start anew?

Spanking new Noah, where are you?
Surely your time is long overdue.

To save us from floods, tornados
Fires, earthquakes and volcanos,

Extreme heat, also pollution.
Is this God’s way — retribution?

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