Happy Purim poem
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A Freilichen, Freilichen Purim

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A laugh, a smile 
a funny jester
an uncle, an orphan 
a wife. 
A king alone 
without a 
A nation about to 
lose its life. 

The seeds of hope had 
been planted 
Still our fate seemed 
rather bleak
Until Mordechai so wise 
the disguise 
and said,
it’s your turn to speak. 

A laugh, a smile 
a funny jester, 
a divine plan is finally 
A celebration 
for our Jewish nation 
longing to be 

A freilichen, freilichen
to all of my family 
and friends. 
Thank you for all your 
love and care
May Hashem’s blessings, 
never ever end!

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  1. Hinda, I LOVE this. I guess I wasn’t in class when it was worked on. Your poems are just so delightful. I truly love reading them.