Illustration of a farm with animals during spring.
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By Heidi Schloss

Listen to the sounds of barn life
In spring.
To the neighing and snorting of horses
As their heads appear 
From out of their stalls; 
Curious, as if to say,
“What’s going on?”

To the soft padding of
Kitten feet on dirt
And purrs, as she settles down to sleep.
To the joyful arrival of the dog,
Ready to inspect 
and roll on the grass.

To the songbirds 
Flitting in and out of the trees.
Geese on high,
Honking in gossip to one another.

To the rooster crowing,
Although it’s late afternoon 
Not dawn,
Protecting his hens.

To the joy of life
Unaided by humans!

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