Is this your last sunset
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Is This Your Last?

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No one knows
That’s how it goes
Today could be your last
And life goes by oh so fast

No one knows how long one gets
Just live your life without regrets
No coulda, woulda, shoulda in your view
Because they limit what you can do

Follow if you hear a call
But be kind to one and all
With the rules you must abide
And take the ups and downs in stride

At the end of the rally
Be happy with the tally
It’s quite a task
But all that one can ask

At the end of the day
Think if this was the way
That you’d end the play
Since we don’t get a stay 

Don’t look back into your past
Live each day like it’s your last

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  1. Ada this is so true. Yes, live your life since it’s all you’ve got. Not sure of the meaning of “you don’t get a stay.” What does get “a” stay mean? Did you mean get TO stay? The only time I hear A stay means a stay of executation!