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The Ad in the Jewish Times Magazine of Baltimore read, “Handwriting Analysis , for your next Party or Event including Bar-Bat Mitzvahs, Singles Gatherings Anniversaries, for Fun and Entertainment” Please Call Sonia Kowalak for more information.

Sonia was a trained graphologist and worked for the Court System in Akron, Ohio for 15 years before she retired.

She studied and analyzed the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting. It included the psychological state of the writer at the time of writing and evaluated personality characteristics.

For handwriting parties Sonia focused only on positive traits she found in each writer. Her goal was to make the experience fun and educational for the amount of time she had with each person. Sometimes she could sense the mood of the person writing and paid closer attention to the details of each letter they wrote.

The set up was easy. She brought pencils and pens and provided a paper that read, If you could have one wish that would come, true what would it be? Please sign your name at the bottom of the paper.

During one particular birthday party in September at a beautiful home in Mt. Washington, Sonia was hired to analyze the writings of possibly 20 guests. Some which included doctors from Sinai Hospital.

The hostess, a doctor herself was interested to find out what her handwriting would reveal.

The guests were talking and sampling hors d’oeuvres and drinking various beverages before the dinner was to be served.

Sonia sat down at a medium sized round table in the expansive living room next to a grand piano. She placed her business cards and information about handwriting analysis while waiting for the guests to participate.

After the dinner some of the guests began to come into the living room to meet Sonia The ladies were excited to find out what their handwriting might show and hurried over to the table.

She gave out papers and pens and asked the guests to answer the question and sign their name at the bottom of the paper. The ladies took the papers and found places to sit and write their answers.

Some had questions and one asked, what if I sign my signature different ways? Sonia smiled and responded it doesn’t matter. Just sign as many ways as you wish

After she told one guest what she saw in her writing that was positive and complimentary, the others were very anxious to see their results as well.

It seemed everyone was quite pleased her with analysis and was having a great time.

Later, one middle aged man came over to the table by himself. He started to read the information she provided about the handwriting analysis.

Sonia thought he might be a doctor and gave him time to read and then he said, he would like to try.

She handed him the paper and pen and asked him to sit down. .What followed was a surprising answer that he wrote.

He wrote that he was depressed and hated his job. There are too many deaths and not enough time to save the addicts and the homeless. My wish is to die tonight and be free of all my responsibilities. He signed his name.

Sonia watched him as he wrote his response. She noticed how angry he was and calmly asked him, what kind of work do you do?

I’m an ER doctor at Sinai Hospital.

You look so tired. You need to take time off to rejuvenate your mind and body.

I know that, he replied. We are short staffed and my mind can’t relax.

Is your wife here with you tonight?

No, I’m divorced.

My wife couldn’t take it anymore and that is part of my depression.

Tell me what you saw in my handwriting.

Your small sized letters were written with speed and showed a person who has great powers of concentration and perseverance. You are very intelligent and have great problem solving solutions to extreme situations. Your intensity to see success drives you and torments you when it doesn’t occur instantly. This can become better with help and time.

Wow he replied. What about what I wrote?

You were venting your frustrations. It is easier to vent to a stranger.

Sonia suggested he could turn this situation around.

You have the ability and power with help and counseling, Sonia replied.

I know, he said.

Thank you for finding something good about me. I will look into getting help and maybe try to work elsewhere. I need to get some sleep! Arriving straight from work to this party and I drank too much.

Please don’t drive home! Have someone take you.

The doctor mentioned that he lived across the street at the big white house.

Sonia was shaken and stunned at what this doctor wrote about his life. She prayed he would be okay.

After the party the hostess congratulated Sonia and told her what a great success the handwriting analysis was with her friends!.

Sonia did many more handwriting parties throughout the summer and fall

Months later, while shopping at Whole Foods, Sonya saw the doctor from Sinai Hospital that attended the handwriting party in Mt. Washington.

She went up to him and introduced herself.

He quickly recognized her and smiled.

How are things going for you? She asked.

“I’m doing much better than when I last saw you”!

Getting professional help to realize my life had more potential was a great start. I also changed hospitals and work in a less stressful position. Thank you for your help and kindness in reaching out to me”.

So glad to hear, Sonia stated. Be well and best wishes always to you, she replied.

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