rape the word fight
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Yes, we are in the fight for our country and our lives
How can we move forward when what we saw thrives?
How dare they rape the word fight!
What they’ve done just isn’t right!

They used the word “combat”
What else could be thought of that?
Fight is what you do for the good;
Not what someone bad says you should

The mob did what they were told;
But words have value — good as gold.
Congress, you didn’t do what you needed to
It seems your thinking was askew.

Yes, you’re scared for the coming elections
But “come on, man” this was insurrection.
Your very lives were at stake
This wasn’t the time to make a mistake.

Instead of making a firm resolution
You hid behind the Constitution.
Congress, you didn’t do what you had to do
Just because some needed to grow a few.

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