dear heartthrob, a poem
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Dear Heartthrob

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Dear Heartthrob,

“Be still my heart!” 

That’s what young people say 

when they fall in lust. 

At our age, no one says, “Be still my heart.” 

I mean, really, it could happen! 

Suppose you say, “be still my heart” and the powers that be 

take that literally! I’d be a widow! 

Maybe “be quiet my heart” would be more prudent. 

Plus, it’s kind of poetic.

Even at my age (old enough to get the vaccine right now)

my heart might flutter a bit when we’re being romantic 

(though admittedly, that has not happened in about three months

since your leg starting giving you trouble).

Now, here it is a week until Valentine’s Day, 

and I’ve done nothing. 

Not written a poem. 

Not prepared a card with embellishments from my scrapbook supplies. 


So here’s my idea: 

I’ll just look forward to Valentine’s Day 

hug my heartthrob (that would be YOU):

and tell myself, “Be quiet my heart”

P.S. I Love You.

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