Damn it!
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Damn It!

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This is what the sock is REALLY thinking!

Her feet are stinky, old and smelly
With corns, calluses and bunions.
Why would I want to live there?
I’m tired of smelling like onions!

Some days they hurt and ache.
Some days they make her sad!
Her shoes no longer fit so good,
Which really makes her mad!

I got tired of the kvetching
And decided to run away
Where life is so much sweeter
And I could relax every day.

No more being stretched to fit
To the limit of my size.
No more complaing and discomfort
I’d get to be my own guy!

But damn it! She found me!
Nestled in warm, fluffy towels.
My sweet serene Garden of Eden
Has gone straight to the bowels!

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