Shopping tale of a mother and daughter
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A Shopping Tale

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I hate shopping.
My back and feet hurt;
big department stores with so many floors.
Young styles
misses styles
bright colors
muted shades.
Too much to choose
boggles the brain.

Laura said once,
“Mom, let’s go shopping. I’ll help.”
So, my daughter picked me up
in her jeep, top down,
drove us to the mall.
We walked with purpose
to the place she picked.
“Mom, go in the dressing room.
I’ll bring lots of choices.”
Within minutes, she entered
carrying hangers loaded with a rainbow
of colored garments, the tickets swirling
like silent wind chimes as she hurried
to the dressing room,
with the excitement of her finds.

We spent all morning together
in that tiny room which had become
a play place–
my trying on everything,
her appraising the ‘look’
both of us laughing at the outrageous,
appreciating the appropriate.

Later we had lunch
just enjoying each other.
It was only that one time.
I returned to hating shopping
as this became a favorite memory.

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    1. Turns out many in our group feel as I do. I think everyone should write a shopping tale. I could write plenty of negative ones, but I’m tired of bitching about everything since the pandemic!

  1. Oh wow! I never read this one!! It’s fantastic!! I love the form and I love the content. And I know you how you hate shopping. This really encapsulates that and the joy of the day. 🙂

  2. That was so much fun! And I think you still have the jeans, even though I bet they are too big on you now 💪 let’s do it again… Wait, you hate shopping 🤣

    1. You’re funny. I do have the jeans. Haven’t even tried them on since pandemic, so you may be right. Really, there’s no sense going shopping. I don’t go anywhere or do much outside of home. Lots of Zoom stuff. Guess we’ll wait til holiday shopping time. 🙂

  3. Shopping with mom every Saturday. Spent 5 hours shopping, including lunch. I love shopping. Unfortunately it’s my drug of choice. My credit tanked, had to go into debt management. I’ve gotten better, always room for improvement

    1. Yes, your mom, Aunt Ellen, and Grandma were shoppers. With me, the gene skipped a generation. I didn’t get it, but Laura did! ❤

  4. Loved your shopping experience with Laura. Brought back memories of shopping with my mother. Wish I could relive those days.

    1. I hated shopping with Mom. She eventually started taking just my sister, and I stayed home with my grandma. I was sooooomuch happier. 🥰