A garden is all kinds of fun like shown in these images of hands planting, a prize vegetable and some flowers.
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A Garden Is…

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A garden is
a place to dig
a place to dig
and dream
of fruits
and veggies
and flowers
of sunflowers
yellow and green

A place to plant
some tiny seeds
care for them
every day
to water them
nourish them
love them
In every way

A place to watch
with excitement
as they grow
and grow
and grow
from the tiny seeds
you planted
in the earth
way down

A garden is
a place to dream
and watch
those dreams
come true
and thank
for miracles,
and smiles
red and yellow
and blue

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  1. This is a beautiful poem, Hinda! I truly love it. How appropriate as spring is around the corner! 🥕🥒🍆🌶️🌹🪻🌼