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A Dozen Ways to Age Gracefully

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1. Adopt a workout routine. You’ll be stronger, more flexible and feel more alive.

2. Get together with friends for a book club, movie dates, museum visits or just a walk in the park.

3. Take a class or two on subjects of interest or maybe something you always wanted to learn about but were too busy.

4. Become involved by volunteering. There are so many choices that you can surely find one that fits who you are and your own personal skills.

5. Visit a nursing home. Bring joy by reading aloud, sharing personal stories or just listening to a lonely senior.

6. Take your grandchildren to lunch or to an activity you can share.

7. Read books. The library is full of them. Try reading on topics that are not familiar to you but you want to learn about; or read just for pleasure.

8. Keep in touch with family and friends who live elsewhere, not just through text, email and zoom. Write a letter that they can save. Include reminiscences you share.

9. Try a new hobby: knitting, crocheting, painting, drawing, etc.

10. Learn to scrapbook and preserve memories for your grandchildren.

11. Write your memoirs to leave to your children and grandchildren when you are no longer here.

12. Pay it forward.

Some of these you can do right now; others will have to wait ’til this pandemic is over.

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