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Who Am I?

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Who Am I to be Loved by You?*

I was just an ordinary woman
who’d made myriad mistakes.
Then came that fateful night
when, it seems, I came awake.

We gathered in that cozy loft
in a Howard County church.
You were the wittiest person there
and caused my heart to lurch.

I was just an ordinary woman
floundering around
trying to get an education
while keeping feet upon the ground.

I was just an ordinary woman.

I was destined to be no one special
‘til you saw someone in me
who could achieve what e’er she wanted.
You helped me to believe.

You encouraged my highest dreams;
always believed in me.
Because of you, I have become
the woman I’m supposed to be.

When I’m walking in the hallway
for the exercise I need,
always, you will step aside
as if I were the queen.

Sometimes, when I’m less than nice,
you remind me of the error.
I’m not so sure that I deserve
how much you gently care.

It’s more than I can figure out:
This is where you choose to be.
The rest of your life, the rest of your love
you choose to give to me.

Because of you, perhaps I’m not
Just an ordinary woman.

​*Poem inspired by Diamond Rio

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