sipping cider with my dad
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Sipping Cider

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Sipping cider
on a crisp fall day
reminds me of you, Dad.

In my mind’s eye,
how vividly I see
Mom pouring cider,
transforming the tall, clear glass
into a deep amber hue.

Every fall night
you sipped cider,
savoring each sweet, wet
dewy droplet.

Now, on this cool fall day—
seven months and one day
have passed us by,
since you went away.

I think of you often
during my daily journey,
as I sip cider
on this crisp fall day.

Here I sit,
totally alone,
watching through the window,
remembering our time together
that was cut too short.

Sipping cider
on a crisp fall day
and missing you, Dad.

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