Age discrimination happens all the time

No Reason for Age Discrimination

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I am a woman; mother, grandmother – and seventy-one years old. I often wonder where the years have gone because it feels like just yesterday I celebrated my twenty-first birthday. I’m not “old”… I don’t act or feel “old.” So what does “old” actually mean? Some would say being old means we are slow, stuffy, forgetful, old-fashioned, and technologically challenged, to name but a few “problems.”

During a recent hospital visit the doctor came up to me and shouting in my ear, began asking me questions. I politely told him that a hearing problem was not my issue. When I go to a doctor with a complaint, his or her usual response is, “Well you are seventy-one years old.” Not the answer I want to hear
It’s believed that being over the age of seventy is truly over the hill! We are, unfortunately, discriminated against simply because of our numerical age.

Are we going so sit back and take this? HELL NO!!!

There is no reason for us to experience age discrimination. We can and will overcome this! Here are a few suggestions; 


Enjoy and relish the wealth of knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated over the decades; put them to good use.


While you are able, do things for yourself. Don’t rely on your children or grandchildren… or anyone else. 


At a local organization or hospital, volunteer to do anything that gets you out of the house, mingling with people (of all ages) and doing something that makes YOU feel good.


Surround yourself with younger people. This will keep you young. Take a class at the local gym. Take an adult education class, or a class at a community college. All of these will give you the energy to motivate and push yourself.


We all know how important it is to exercise; it helps people age more slowly and live healthier vigorous lives.  
I hope you enjoy reading this exercise quote, which happens to be a favorite of mine: “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” 

The hardest part of doing anything for some of us when we get older, is getting out the front door. It’s so much easier to sit around the house and watch TV, or tell our friends when they call, “Sorry, not today. I have things to do in the house.”

I’ve been there, done that! Always remember, as long as we can open that front door, we must walk through it, looking good and feeling good about ourselves at all times. We are strong, we are positive and there is nothing we cannot still achieve if we want to.

Those are my thoughts, feelings and a few words of advice on how to cope with the so-called aging process. 

Recently I’ve been taking a look back at my life and in doing this I have realized that with all the good and bad that has happened, I am still here to appreciate it. I fully understand that age is just a number and that life is the sum total of what you put into it; you can’t sit down and expect wonderful things to fall into your lap… You have to get out there and make it all happen. I hope to have a continuous blast and enjoy the rest of my life.
Care to join me?

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