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My Friend Sue

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My dear friend Susan passed away
on a cool, cloudy winter day.

Her sister, Linda, just phoned me.
We knew one day this would be.

For a long time Sue was very ill
even when doctors gave her pills.

Many times we spoke by phone
or I would visit Sue at home.

Always, we had so much fun.
In our friendship we were one.

Susan’s home was close to mine,
I could be there in record time.

We mostly talked and laughed a lot;
good times together is what we got.

She was so happy with her cat!
Mindy stayed with Sue and did not scat!

Since her horrible pain has ceased.
Susan can truly Rest in Peace.

Linda, you were so good to Sue.
She would have been lost without you.

Cheryl cared for you as well,
keeping you safe in case you fell.

Now I say, “Goodbye my friend.
Memories of you will never end.”

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  1. Marlene, This is such a lovely tribute to your friend. I have a feeling she knows how you feel and would truly appreciate your heartfelt poem.