My 50+1 Year Reunion, the reunion committee
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My 50+1 Year Reunion

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I just came home from a fabulous night at my 50+1 year reunion from Pikesville Senior High School. Many members of our class of ’71 have been on the reunion committee for the past two years, including myself. Over 80 classmates attended out of approximately 398 graduates. I even remembered our high school slogan: “Class of ’71, Second to None!”

When I walked into the restaurant, Liberatore’s Ristorante, I immediately noticed the bright purple and white balloons representing our school colors. With another glance around the room, I spotted yellow and green balloons which were our Class of ’71 colors. Additionally, the balloons were placed in boxes of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal with Tony the Tiger on the front. He was our class mascot! Do you know why? Because, “They’re Gr-r-reat!™

As a committee member I strongly suggested Liberatore’s as our venue. The country clubs were way too expensive and other venues did not work out for various reasons. I knew Liberatore’s would be a great place to hold the reunion. For the last 17 years, the Mason-Dixon Corvette Club, where we belong, has held their annual fall dinners there. The waiters, waitresses and other staff members help unload our trucks and cars, carrying into the restaurant over 60 prizes for everyone in attendance. Many prizes were bulky and heavy, such as bicycles, grills, outdoor umbrella tables and Adirondack chairs, to name just a few. I had mentioned this to the members in charge of finding a location for this event, during the early stages of planning. When the committee checked Liberatore’s against all other possibilities, it met all of our needs and was chosen for our reunion.

It was so much fun to see many people from my past, some of whom I had been in touch with through Facebook. My friend, Joyce Levy Levin and I worked the front registration desk for the first hour of the reunion. Of course, this was the busiest time with everyone eagerly waiting to check in and see classmates from 51 years ago. Most people I recognized, but not everyone. I had to ask a few people for their names; then, I remembered them from high school.

Once our time was up at the registration desk, my husband Bruce and I walked around greeting friends and acquaintances from the past. What fun it was to reconnect with the Class of ’71! Bruce and I have attended all of my class reunions. He knows many members of my class and some were customers from our business, Solomon Plumbing, Heating & AirIn spite of this, he seemed somewhat bored this time. We both agreed if I have any more high school class reunions, he would not attend. 

Dinner was served buffet style, and everything was delicious. Several dishes were served such as chicken, vegetarian pasta, salad, rolls and other main courses. Additionally, there was a large assortment of desserts. It was a cash bar, and I had my one drink that I sometimes get in a social setting.

Some of my classmates and I actually go back to third grade! So, we have known each other since we were eight years old. I could not get over the fact that we knew each other for over 61 years! I spoke to as many people as I could that night, but wished Bruce and I had taken more pictures.

One friend of mine I’ve known since third grade, Ellen Pearlman Zuskin, moved to Florida many years ago. She was staying at her son’s home in the Pikesville area. She asked us, “Where do you live?”

I said, “Owings Mills. Why?”

She said, “I need a ride home but my son’s house is too far away from you.”

I chimed in, “Don’t be ridiculous! We are taking you home and that’s final.” I added, “This will give us more time to spend together,” and she readily agreed.

My one big disappointment was that my closest friends during high school did not attend. I had given the committee their email addresses and phone numbers. Additionally, I had spoken to some of them during the two years of planning and they just were not interested in coming to the reunion.

A sad part of the evening was seeing the sign, “In Memoriam.” Too many people from the Class of ’71 passed away over the years. Some were very close friends of mine. I think of them often.

A few people travelled to the reunion from other states, and I remember them coming from Florida and Pennsylvania. Of course, they came from other states as well.

The four hours of schmoozing, catching up with each other, hugging and dining together were fabulous. I am so glad I attended this fun-filled and exciting event. The committee and class members talked about getting together from time to time to reconnect and continue sharing good times with old friends. 

Go “Class of ’71, Second to None!”

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  1. What a wonderful story, Marlene. I felt exactly the same at my H.S. reunions. My last one was our 50th! Loved going down memory lane here. It made me get out my old yearbook!

  2. As soon as I started reading this, I thought it sounded like one of your pieces. I enjoyed your enthusiasm as much as you did. Great piece. Congrats, Marlene